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Sprache = Japanisch. Zufrieden mit = 565 Review. notice = Sie können eine Liste der zehn Materialien erstellen, die Sie am meisten benötigen, und Ihre Freunde werden es sehen und sie jeden Tag senden. info = Township-Building-Strategie. Genre = Simulation. 2013-01-31. Version = 4.73.26985

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Apple Iphone; Version 1.1.12; User Rating 4,4 of 5 Stars; In-App A Large Bag of Gems; Classic arcade offline game!; We offer you unique, creative gameplay:. Weapon ultimates, dual-weapon setting, skill point allocation for equipment sets, and a deep connection between players and the scenes on-screen. We also offer you an authentic arcade-style experience in our designs:. Tough "kouha" manga art style, destructible battlefield items; Publish Date 2017-09-27

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Genre: Role Playing; 3. Đa dạng tính năng cộng đồng & tính năng thân thuộc cải tiến:. - Gia viên: tự do xây dựng trang trí gia viên, mua nô tỳ nô bộc. - Tự do kết hôn cùng hôn lễ hoành tráng, không phân biệt giới tính; version: 1.0.3; publish date: 2017-07-14; English; size: 481,04 mB; 5 / 5

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  • Liked It=442 Review
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  • 2016-10-26
  • I really think it would be more fun if it was multiplayer I think also you should get to walk around and travel and I’m not saying no motercycle I meen I think there should still be motercycle 👍 it is a really good game
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  • user Rating=3,9 / 5
  • genre=Racing